Just a Friend

Boston Common & Public Garden.

Here I am, not in my dream, but in my dream city, Boston. Now it is time to break up with my beloved earphones.

I used to have a really great relationship with my earphones. They are my spontaneous musicians, multilingual storytellers, and even yoga instructors. We were almost always together, blocking outer noises and creating our own world. Just us. Our monogamy relationship, however, did not last forever. I knew it was time to say goodbye to our world when I got here because what was in front of me was incompatible to what they could ever provide. What I saw, heard, smelt, and felt here in this country caught my heart. Since then, I have set my ears free in public. I believe that not only my hearing, but also the other four senses are a lot acuter than before. I enjoy tiny birds singing, green leaves nestling, and myself being here at Boston Common & Public Garden.

Maybe this is all about me loving where I am, but keeping distance from earphones may help you realize what a beautiful world you are living in. If you are worried about breaking their hearts, they will be alright. They are already breaking into two parts since their production. Besides, they will surely understand and stay as your friends, like mine did.

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