One Year

Copley Square, Fall.

What have I done for the past

one year since moving to Boston? When I thought about it the other day, the lists can go either very long or very short. Because I am having a very normal life, mostly studying and working. On the other hand, every ordinary day means so much to me. I can truly say that I am happiest here. I used to say, I am grateful for the life that was given to me. That is true. Without my family, friends, and others’ support, I would not be here today. However, I also say, I am grateful for the life I chose.

Looking back, a part of my dream: coming back to the United States for school, had been in my mind since I finished my one-year study abroad program in Seattle. There were times I thought I should just let it go, but in the end, I was not able to dispose my dream. It took almost five years for me to be where I am now, but I feel more alive than ever.

In my first year

at Emerson, my future career vision became clearer. I initially thought writing is the way I can inspire other people. Although I still believe in the power of storytelling, I found that visual design can also tell deep stories and put people together. After learning Adobe Creative Suite at school, I started designing cards and Instagram posts for practice and fun. At some point, it came to my realization that I wanted to make use of my design skills for others. …how can I do that?

That was when I applied for an In-House Graphic Design volunteer position for a non-profit foundation. After receiving the official offer letter, I have been helping the organization design its new logo, letterhead, and some other tasks. Working for someone else is a lot different from making something on my own. I need to know clients’ taste, purpose, needs, and messages to create consistent design, which align their visions. As challenging as it is, I found it very rewarding to help them with my own creation.

“You actualized your dream, Mayuka.”

Recently, my mom said it to me on the phone. That was because I am living happily in Boston. And my response was, “Not yet, mom.” Going to a graduate school in the United States was a part of my dream, as I mentioned. However, it is not a whole story. I am still in the middle of making my actual dream come true. One day, in the near future, I hope to help, inspire, and make people happy with my skills and experience. Career is all about what I love doing, what I am good at doing, and what I can do to others, am I right? Until then, I will keep squeezing bitter lemons into sweet lemonade. Thank you!

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