The Very Hungry Customer

Apple, Smolak Farms.

One Saturday morning, the warm sun came up and pop! Not out of the egg, but at a farmer’s market, I had THE VERY BEST GROCERY SHOPPING.

It was my first farmer’s market experience. To be honest, I am not sure if farmer’s markets even exist in my hometown. Therefore, I was very excited to see what it was like. I lost my voice when we got at the tents. There they were, thousands of fresh and reasonable groceries. Within the next 30 minutes, my friend and I went through the whole booths. It costs only $7 for one zucchini, two eggplants, three packs of blueberries and cherry tomatoes, and two pounds of broccoli. My hands were full, but my wallet was not in pain. It has become my weekend routine to shop at the farmer’s market. Until this day, I still get lots of butterflies in my stomach every Saturday.

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